Women’s Ministry                    

The Women’s Ministry of North Mason Bible Church desires to meet the spiritual and fellowship needs of the women of our church.  
Ladies Retreat
“Be The Windshield, Not The Bug”
(Lessons in Resilience)
Held at The Refuge
October 20-22, 2023   
Sign up today!
$135.00 due 10/1/2023
Women’s Bible Study Fellowship   
John’s Gospel – The Truth                   
Fridays 10:30 am
(First Class only on Monday, September 18 then continuing on Friday, September 22) 
Contact Bobbie Hunt 360-551-3698 for more information.

In addition to these seasonal events, the Women’s Ministry serves by coordinating baby showers, bridal showers, ladies teas, and other events to help engage in and build relationships between the women of the church.