Pastor Jim Porter 2000-current

Pastor Jim and Carrie were both born and raised in Arizona where they met while attending Southwestern Bible College, now known as Arizona Christian University.  After graduation and marriage, they moved to Portland, OR to attend Western Seminary.  During their time in Portland, they added three daughters to their growing family while Jim served at Sandy Baptist Church and worked at United Parcel Service.  In 1995, they moved to Coos Bay, OR where Jim took a position as Associate Pastor at Skyline Baptist Church with Jerry Hamilton who was a thoughtful mentor and valuable friend.  In 2000, the Lord called Jim to be the Senior Pastor of North Mason Bible Church in Belfair, WA.  During the interviews, the leadership and congregation expressed the strong desire to know God’s Word and to be relevant to their community as they learn how to share the Good News of the Gospel.  Pastor Jim was more than eager to help the church fulfill their desire, and we have been working at this ever since.

Pastor Jim enjoys spending time with his family, whether it be camping, traveling or just hanging out together.  Playing basketball has been a long time enjoyment and has proven a good way to build relationships in the community.  Pastor Jim enjoys trekking through the forest, hunting with his bow, or sitting in a boat trying to catch a large trout.  He says golf is fun, but he claims to play at golf more than he plays golf, meaning there is much room for improvement.