Nogales Baptist Seminary, Rev. Ramon 




The Nogales Baptist Seminary, or SEBANO as it is known in Spanish, was established in 1957 by Missions Door to train leaders for ministry in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries.

SEBANO has equipped hundreds of students to serve as pastors, evangelists, teachers, and church leaders who are now ministering in Mexico, the United States, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

SEBANO offers a one-year diploma in theology for students who have not received a high school diploma. For students who have completed high school, the seminary offers both a three and four-year degree in theology.

Because most students cannot afford the cost of ministry training, SEBANO only asks its students to pay about ten percent of the cost for their education, lodging and meal expenses. Support from ministry partners provides the rest of the seminary’s annual budget.

Missionary Ramon Rodriguez serves as the Director of Nogales Baptist Seminary. He oversees and coordinates the distribution of the Nogales Baptist Seminary Ministry Fund.